Thursday, February 14

How to quit smoking in one easy step

Step 1: Quit

That's it. Just get up one morning and say you quit. Throw the sticks/pack out of the window or in the loo and stop smoking. This is quitting smoking in on easy step.

However, like in everything else, there is more to it than meets the eye and therefore the quitting issue may be analysed:

Firstly, why quit? Ha ha! you say – the government told us that's why! Well, for a change the shenanigans are right but lets delve deeper into the advantages of quitting:

  1. You will a live longer and healthier life with emphasis being on the word healthier. You may still die from over indulgence in McDonalds but, your lungs would be healthy.
  2. You can also run – this would be useful in catching yourself a suitable partner. Frivolous as it may sound, exercise + lack of nicotine/tar is a winning combination for a healthy relationship; and is known to guarantee immense satisfaction.
  3. Definition: of the muscular variety. As you being exercising (now that you have quit and you can), body starts to get toned making you one attractive peacock!
  4. Climate Change: everyone knows that this is killing the planet. However, with news laws on smoking inside buildings coming up everywhere, you will have to leave the building to get that oooh so desirable drag! And it WILL be uncomfortable – hot/humid/freezing/cold or plain and simple smoggy. Also you will need to give up your lunch break for the pleasure.
  5. Intimacy issues: Improve your snogging coefficient! Mint flavoured breath is always bettern than Virginia Slims!
  6. You can smell: this is critical. Smoking kills your sense of smell. Chances are "The One" will waft by and you will never know… because you cannot smell them. For professional opinion see here and here.
  7. And last but not the least: Money! You save minimum ₤360 per annum or more depending how expensive a smoker you are! That, in PPP terms, the exact cost of a Canon 400D Digital SLR Camera with lens! So every year, that gadget or that holiday or that loverly dinner for two or those 3 weekend getaways or that mortgage repayment …comes free!

However, you will, like any other addition, not find it easy. The withdrawal is going to be rough so be prepared. Inform near and dear ones that you will be:

  1. Short : anxiety, anger, restlessness (this comes from all the time you save from not smoking)
  2. The odd (hunger?) cramp and return of an appetite are not totally unexpected. This could also have something to do with your olfactory senses reawakening.
  3. DO NOT and I repeat Do Not take any decisions in this period – they are likely to be something you will regret. Focus being the key, do everything, but one at a time.
  4. Exercise and drink lots of water (3-4 ltrs a day): This will prevent any weight gain you have from said appetite AND will remove toxins faster!
  5. Finally get a friend. Crucial when you hit the lows. This might also help you decide who that friend is ;-)

Actually this piece applies to any habit one tries to kick – be it a person, alcohol, sloth, and other milder addictions.....


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